Currently a fulltime freelancer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Growing up being influenced by games such as World of Warcraft and Dragon Age, has made me skew artistically towards fantasy design and illustration, and have an affinity for all things swords and sorcery. Works includes: design and illustation work for XM studio (in house IP), Tales of Ramayana, UMO.

Daniel Kamarudin (theDURRRRIAN)

Raymond Chen, a concept artist and illustrator base in Malaysia.
Influence by video games like the FInal Fantasy series, Metal Gear and many many more games have made him grew more passionate towards art industry.
He havs worked with clients like Microsoft, EA, Bethesda, WarnerBrothers and Piazo for concept art and illustrations.



Freelance illustrator based on Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Mainly concerned in digital paintings with fantasy theme. Highly influenced by Monster Hunter games.Have been included in some past-projects with game like : Apocalypse-A game, Secret of Mana (card game), Dragon Cavalier (Super appli.Inc), and some pin ups artworks.


Carlos Villas, freelance illustrator and character/concept artist in Mexico. Influenced by the likes of Frazetta and H.R. Giger creates images and worlds that are both fantastic and horrific at the same time.
He has worked for clients all over the world for magazines, posters, cds and movie concepts & creatures.

Leesha Hannigan

Leesha Hannigan is an Australian-born freelance illustrator.
Her work draws inspiration from nature, fantastical literature and roleplaying games, with a primary focus on creature art.
She has worked with clients such as Paizo, ImagineFX and Hi-Rez Studios."


Mario Wibisono is a digital painter focusing in drawing sexy ladies character and ero-theme girls.He has been providing artworks for game industry since 2006, and has done art works for: Alderac Entertainment Group: Legend of the Five Rings Doomtown Reloaded Lost Legacy Applibot: Legend of the Cryptids Zems Zems Online TCG Zero-G Vocaloid Sonica 14 Dimension Games of Dragons